Book Two (Intermediate - College) Now Available in ebook with a DVD download.  Click on the book cover To Get Your Copy Today!  

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Now Available in ebook with a DVD download.  Click on the book cover To Get Your Copy Today!  

Winning Baseball 
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Winning Baseball Would Like To Congratulate Two Contributors to The Winning Baseball Book and DVD Series.  

Tim Hyers (Hitting) Was Recently Named as Minor League Hitting Coordinator For The Boston Red Sox and Scott Emerson (Pitching) Was Recently Named Minor League Pitching Coordinator For The Oakland A's.  They Both Infused Their Superior Knowledge of Hitting and Pitching WithTrent Mongero To Create The Most Thorough Baseball Resource Available On The Market. 
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Armed with the most advanced automated baseball training device on the market, “The FungoMan,” and 40 years of baseball playing, coaching, scouting, and mentoring experience, WBA can effectively infuse their Winning knowledge into players, teams, and coaches. The most exciting fact is that WBA can travel to personally develop the winner in you! Winning Baseball Academy believes…champions do not become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months, and years they spend preparing for it.
FungoMan is the revolutionary training device used by Trent Mongero and WBA to help develop players and teams of all ages...

Instructional Video Examples
Tim Hyers Teaches 
"The Noodle" Hitting Drill.  Check it out! 
Watch over 30 examples of Coach Mongero teaching skills and drills.  Join his official youtube channel  and receive free video clips from his three book sereis about once a week!
Coach Mongero Teaches
"The Ozzie" Fielding Drill.
Check it out!
Winning is a mindset...a philosophy...a way of life. It embodies hard work, commitment, focus, discipline, perseverance, and most importantly, knowledge.

When we refer to Winning we are simply asking “Do you have all it takes to be a Winner, both in life and on the ball field?”  Review the links to the left to learn the many ways WBA and Coach Mongero can help bring winning to you!

Winning Baseball Academy:

Stands for total Excellence in the physical and inspirational aspect of baseball skills training! 

Take an in depth look at WBA and how they can bring winning to you!
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Instructional Book and DVD Series Now available as a e-Book with DVD download
Trent Mongero, founder of the Winning Baseball Academy, LLC, is the author of The Coach’s Companion: Winning Baseball book and DVD series. This highly acclaimed series has been tabbed by Ray Tanner, the Head Coach of the University of South Carolina and Back-to-Back DI National Champions as “…The best baseball instructional series I have ever seen.” Are you reaching your full potential as a player, coach, or parent? Then bring The Winning Baseball Academy to you today and let’s get to work implementing the many skills and drills found in book one through book three!
Ray Tanner - Head coach of the University of South Carolina.  Back-To-Back DI National Champions 2010 and 2011.  Coach Tanner Wrote The Foreword For Book 2 In The Winning Baseball Series.
Trot Nixon Was An Integral Part Of The Boston Red Sox And Clinching Their First MLB Title since 1919!  Trot Wrote The Foreword For Book 1 In The Winning Baseball Series.